Birth Doula

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[spacer height=”20px”]As a Certified Birth Doula (DONA), I am excited to provide moms with any information and research they need in order to best prepare for their birth. I also work closely with husbands and birth partners offering emotional support and useful tools so that they feel more confidant and relaxed while supporting you during labor either in a hospital, birthing center or at home.

During our initial meeting we will talk about your labor and delivery ‘wish list’ that best represents your vision for welcoming your baby into the world. Together we will identify and discuss your individual birth support needs and how I can be the most helpful to you and your partner. There is no charge for the initial consult.

Once you have decided to hire me as your Birth Doula we will then schedule a minimum of two follow-up prenatal visits. Prenatal visits are an excellent way for all of us get to know each other better. During these visits we will review what you have been learning in your birthing classes so that we can discuss any questions and concerns you may have so that I can supply you with all the information and research you need to better understand your labor and delivery. Together we will also practice exercises to help relax and prepare your body for labor. 

Once you have entered into ‘active’ labor I will remain at your side while you labor at home before going to the hospital or birthing center. I will then follow you to the hospital or center where you have registered and continue to be by your side supporting you and your birth partner until after your baby is born. Depending on how your labor progresses, we will be working through various laboring positions to encourage and support your baby’s movements. If there are any challenges during your labor I will help you to communicate your concerns with the hospital staff and midwives so that your voice can be heard and are able to make informed decisions regarding what is best for you and your baby.

I look forward to meeting and working with you in striving to have a fun, safe and beautiful birthing experience.

Call (303) 710-9334 to set up a free initial consult

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“Over forty years of experience as a midwife have not lessened
my awe and respect for the efficiency and beautiful design of the female body as expressed in labor and birth.”
-Ina May[spacer height=”40px”]

My Doula service also includes;
Minimum 2 prenatal visits with unlimited phone consultations throughout your pregnancy.
Availability 24 hours-a-day beginning two weeks prior and one week past your estimated due date. This is part of my commitment to you that I will be on my way to meet you the moment you go into active labor.
Continuous birth support at your home, hospital, or birth center.
Offering educational materials, including websites and extensive referral services for labor and postpartum support.

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